Our Services

Acestra Network provides innovative solutions and top quality services for a great variety of business organizations. We can help you by developing and maintaining software solutions, upgrade technology and migrate services to cloud.

Software Development

Our websites are created using a rare blend of design and development expertise resulting in effective web presence. We take pride in supporting clients with unique solutions delivered in a timely manner.

Custom Web Solution

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Mobile Application

We design flexible and efficient mobile applications aligned to the specific goals of our clients. Our wide range of applications allow you to access information easily and conveniently giving you a great user friendly experience in a time efficient manner.

Data Consultancy

Our data consultants specialize in working with clients to enhance both the collection and management of accurate data. With high quality and usable data you will gain maximum benefit through cost savings and efficient operations.

Technical Audit

Our experience in software development allows us to assist clients in maintaining high quality software. Reduce risks and increase customer satisfaction using our technical audit.

Digital Marketing

WE will help you come up with a digital marketing strategy and in getting the right balance between ‘What you would like to do” and “ what you can do”.

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