24 Jun

Accenture to provide ERP Service for Azure Power

Accenture recently reported that it has initiated a new deal with Azure Power, who deals with solar power for implementing SAP ERP Solutions.

Accenture is reported to provide services for Azure Power to reinforce the business operations and advance the supply chain management, forecasting, budgeting and forecasting.  The ERP Support is implemented with the help of SAP.

This deal is assured to help Azure Power to expand in the solar sector and to control and effectively manage the business operations.

The budget details are yet to be released by both the companies. The Indian Solar market in the recent days was seen by many independent service providers trying to overtake the service operations, but again, it is equally important that these Providers have the correct business objectives and strategies.

Accenture being an expert in the Service Industry will be planning to yield high in the Indian Solar Energy Market with this current deal.

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