24 Jun

Adobe releases Flash to safeguard security

Adobe recently updated and released Adobe Flash. The release took place on Tuesday 07-07-2014. The new released version Adobe Flash mainly was designed and updated to counter the attacks from Hackers. According to the security specialist Michele Spagnuolo there were few attacks reported on social websites such as Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and eBay.

According to Michele, the earlier version of Adobe Flash had a specified security flaw. This defect was the reason behind the hacker’s access to the cookies which are used for user authentication. Thus Adobe was very keen to design and develop a more stronger updated version of flash which would giving more importance to the security side.

According to Michelle websites such as Twitter and Tumblr and others have already come up with a variety of ways in dealing to the threats from the hackers and to their best have seen succeeding in fixing the issue and ensuring security to their valued users. With this announced update by Adobe we can hence conclude that there will be an end to the threats from the hackers.