24 Jun

Amazon’s Zocalo a new add to Cloud Sharing and Storage Industry

Usage of cloud file sharing and storage services has recently seen a steady increase among all kind of users. Legends in the industry such as Microsoft and Google have already taken steps to gain a advantage in the sector which was ruled by Dropbox Inc. and Box Inc. Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is the cloud computing arm of Amazon Group has launched a new service known as Zocalo. AWS introduced Zocalo on Thursday.

Zocalo which will be allowing its users to share and store documents between a large variety of devices was introduced into the cloud sharing and storing service industry with a lot of expectations and is considered to have many exciting features which will be helping Amazon in-turn to gain a considerable competitive advantage. Zocalo promises  good security measures for sharing all kind of personal and official documents including spreadsheets and portable document file.  AWS guarantees experience with consistency for users using all sort of devices.

Users can request others for feedbacks and comments for the files shared through Zocalo. The contributors can easily give their respective feedbacks by selecting any word in a sentence.  Zocalo also gives email alerts to their users about recent activities in the files shared. Amazon like other service products will be allowing the users to synchronise their files using all the devices to ensure that the data is accessed any time anywhere.

To please the corporate sector Zocalo comes with many security advantages , user friendly sharing rules and Administrators now can control the data location efficiently. Amazon is said to allow the companies to integrate their directories with Zocalo at $5 per users with a memory of 200 gb allotted.

Amazon with the release of Zocalo aims to provide the users a easy to use and reliable enterprise suitable sharing solution. With the inclusion of Amazon  user now have a wide variety of options to store and share his/her data be it official or personal.

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