24 Jun

End-End Encryption by Google for a secure messaging interface

Google is all set for an end-end encryption technology to be implemented for ensuring security in Gmail. This will be a blow for the mass surveillance implemented.  The End-End encryption is planned to be implemented by installing Google Chrome plug-in.  The Google mail users who have installed this specific plug-in will be allowed to receive/send massages along with a separate encryption technology.

This encryption ensures that the message sent/received will be opened/viewed only by the respective recipients mentioned in the email. This means that no one except the sender and receivers will have the access sent through this End-End Encryption process.

What does this plug-in really do? Google will be simply converting the email into a set of a jumbled code when the email is sent by the user from one end. The user who is suppose to receive the email is the only trusted person and hence will be able to see the original email as it was earlier sent . None other the trusted user will be allowed to view the mail in the original text form.

The process at present is reported to be in a public testing phase and the plug-in will be available for the users in a short span of time and could be added to the Google Chrome Web Browser when released.

This kind of encryption is a new step to help to implement and create a better and secure messaging interface for the users who want to send very secure and confidential messages to their recipients.

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