24 Jun

Google buys JetPac

Google who has come up with some interesting artificial intelligence deals in recent days, is now reported to buy JetPac. JetPac is a app which was available in the App Store is used to show the nearby places searched according to the pictures which are already uploaded to other applications or social networking websites by different users. JetPac serves as a City Guide for its users.

JetPac team has been in serious learning in the field of artificial intelligence and image processing. Various researches were made to guide the users with the images uploaded  in the social networking websites. Various knowledge training were involved by training the systems using the technology  artificial neural networks  on lots of information derived from various images, audio and videos and then presenting the information to the system and then receiving interferences about it in response. JetPac in their app came out earlier with an attempt for the users to explore the pictures uploaded by their Facebook friend list and displaying the results to the users to decide the best place to travel. On recent developments the app has developed a method to spot smiles and decide how happy the people are in the city.

JetPac in their website www.jetpac.com have already announced about the deal with Google and confirmed that the app will not be available for App Store from September 15.

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