16 Jun

Microsoft keen in reducing Cybercrime

Microsoft very recently initiated a separate attempt to ensure the reduction of cyber-crime. At recent days  two equally dangerous malwares have been detected. Microsoft is said to be busy working on discontinuing the link between  the virus infected devices and the hackers who were working behind the above mentioned malware.

The attempt was initiated on Monday and the main target are the recently detected Virus Software. These softwares which were identified as Baldabindi and Jenxcus which according to Microsoft is considered to be designed and implemented by developers who are based in Kuwait and Algeria.

According to Richard Boscovich who currently serves as the  Assistant General Counsel of the Microsoft Digital Crime recently reported that these above mentioned virus are very first of its kind and has infected a lot of user around the world. Boscovich believes that this is due to a steady increase in the global cyber crime activities in the recent days. Malware has been spreaded through various distributors all over the world. Microsoft reported that there can be at least almost 7 million affected user due to this Virus.

Microsoft stated that the interlinking of the virus infected devices and the hackers were done through the Vitalwerks owned servers. Microsoft was not blaming  the Vitawerks for any sort of involvement in the issue but was insufficient in preventing the malware spread.

Microsoft is keen to stop the spreading done by the malware through the Valwerks channel and to cut off the connections between them and teh devices.This act by Microsoft is to be appreciated.

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