24 Jun

Google to release cheap Wi-Fi devices to help small scale business.

According to the website The Information, Google is all set to come up with a cheap Wi-Fi network hardware and software for the businesses in the smaller scale.

Google is all set to deliver a commercially qualified Wi-Fi device, thus helping the small scale business sectors and to develop the usage of Wi-Fi.

Google may necessitate Wi-Fi consumers to “sign in” to their respective Google account, thus permitting the business to collect more data about them. The scheduled development, which is expected to be released very shortly, is intended for the usage of millions of companies such as hospitals, restaurants, schools, gyms and even public institutes.

On a step to help the users to understand the customers, Google is set to come up with few instructions that will be helpful as there is no clear picture about how this will be implemented.

According to the website, the implementation and product release is said to be done by the end of this summer.

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