15 Jun

Microsoft Internet Explorer Developer Channel all set to help developers

Microsoft gives the developers a new chance to view and test the ongoing-development version of the Internet Explorer. All that the developer will need for using this feature is Windows 8.1 or Windows 7SP1 and a new updated version of Internet Explorer. The release allows the developers and starters in the developing sector a view to understand development and the work done by the Microsoft team.

The product named as Internet Explorer Developer Channel was released on Monday and is already available for downloads.  With the Developer channel, Microsoft creates an opportunity for the users to view the features that are used in the development of the new version of Internet Explorer. The developer channel mainly aims the developers to strengthen their web application skills and also expects to collect feedbacks about their new versions form the users. Internet Explorer Developer Channel is all set to change how the browser is used and will be setting an example for the other browser giants.  The developer channel comes up with a good news, the release is accompanied with few features such as Webdriver and improved version of WebGL which are used in the development of 2D and 3D graphics.

Microsoft with this release aims to develop and improve their features used in the browser by collecting the feedbacks from the user who use the Developer Channel.  Microsoft in the recent days are planning things to raise the usage of Internet Explorer which lead the browser industry once. This latest release has helped Microsoft to become more transparent. Will have to wait for more excitement releases from Microsoft patiently.

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