24 Jun

Kaspersky’s Version 2015 now available with excellent features

It is a clear fact that all who use the internet could be easily prone to a large number of risks and privacy issues. No one can expect how data in our personal laptop or device could be exploited.Today with the advanced growth of information technology a device could be easily connected to the network or the internet through different ways.There are thousands of free wireless connections which are available for public use. This also means that anyone can take an easy advantage of the device connected to these freely available wireless networks. On recent days there are also increase in the number of newly identified malware and other kind of virus. These type of security threats have forced the users to always rely on the Antivirus software which are available in the market.

Kaspersky Internet Security is a known security software type which was established in the year 1997 with Moscow has their headquarters. Kaspersky is one of the most widely used and trusted antivirus used by many on-line users. Kaspersky has recently released its updated 2015 Version which is now available in the market for 899 INR. The updated version is said to have the potential to face the newly detected or updated malwares.

On recent days the people who take advantage of other’s private data are keenly interested on the large amount of data that is been used during the video calls. With the rise in the usage of Skype and similar social networking platforms the risk of hacking has also increased. The updated version of Kaspersky have now certain countermeasures to skip or avoid anyone who is trying to gain access to the web-cameras on ones Personal Computer or Laptop. This feature introduced by Kaspersky is coined as “Web Cam Protection”.

As mentioned earlier the usage of internet in public platform have increased a lot. Thus that clearly means that the threat is also increased. Certain open networks do not offer adequate security measures. Kaspersky has the answers for these kind of threats.The new addition to Kaspersky is called the “WiFi Security Notification”  quickly test the wireless network and prompts the user with a warning if necessary.

Another interesting feature in the 2015 Pack is the Cost Aware Networking” which reminds the user about the data plan which is being used and intimates the user if the data is used above the pre-fixed target. Kaspersky is now available in Windows 8.1, 8, 7 , XP and Vista. Unfortunately the Cost Aware Networking Feature is available only in Windows 8.

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