24 Jun

“Look-Out-Mechanisms” to prevent users from texting while driving: Apple Patent

The usage of mobile phone has become an important aspect with the development of the smart phones. The usage of mobile phones is always considered one of the most risk factors while driving. Texting while driving has become one of the most common reasons for accidents. Thanks to the Apple Inc,now texting while driving can be bought under scanner.

Apple group have come up with a new application for patent. The new patent is about a proposed system which will be avoiding the users to use features such as text messaging while driving. With the help of “lock-out mechanisms” cell phones will be unavailable for the usage of text messaging.

The mobile phone sensors will be used for this particular research and development. The sensors in a particular mobile will be able to detect how fast a person will be travelling and would easily identify whether the person is in the driving seat. The sensors controlled proposed system will be helpful in avoiding the usage of mobile phones while driving. According to the patent the smartphones will be easily provide a look-out mechanism without any specific requirements. The proposed system will be mainly developed with a motion analyser which will be able to detect the state of the mobile device. Apart from the motion analyser the system also comprises of a Scenery Analyser. The main task of the Scenery Analyser would be to identify whether the user of the handheld device is within a particular driving or operating area of a moving vehicle.  According to the output from the motion analyser and the scenery analyser, the lookout mechanism will be applied to block/disable the usage of one or more features of a handheld mobile phone or a similar device. Thus the device will be blocking the usage of mobile features such as texting while the user is driving.

According to the patent the idea could be further developed or expanded by initiating the same concept in the vehicle itself.  This concept in the patent will be helping in controlling accidents and promoting safe driving. The patent is said to have registered in the year 2008 but was published only in recent days.

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