24 Jun

Oracle aiming to develop hybrid cloud platforms introduces two new cloud services

Oracle recently introduced two new enterprise grade products which are named Oracle Database Backup and Oracle Storage Cloud Services.  The newly announced products will fall under the group’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) portfolio.  ODB product is considered to follow the strategy for the multitier recovery Oracle Recovery Manager commands. The proposed ODB product is to allow the users to perform backup operations in the Group’s cloud and Oracle’s different databases in a highly secured manner. The ODB service is said to provide operations and availability of codes for the users and to also perform the client side encryption.

Oracle Storage Cloud which is said to fall under the infrastructure as a service is mainly to be used to provide data access using Representational State Transfer (RST) and Java API. The main idea behind developing this for the oracle is to promote operational costs in a lower level and assuring reliability in archives or data backups.  These new products will be helping Oracle to promote full portability between cloud environments and on-premises. These two products will be falling under and will be tweaking the group’s Cloud’s infrastructure services and PaaS. All the cloud services are available on subscription basis.

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