Adobe recently updated and released Adobe Flash. The release took place on Tuesday 07-07-2014. The new released version Adobe Flash mainly was designed and updated to counter the attacks from Hackers. According to the security specialist Michele Spagnuolo there were few attacks reported on social websites such as Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and eBay. According Read More »

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Microsoft very recently initiated a separate attempt to ensure the reduction of cyber-crime. At recent days  two equally dangerous malwares have been detected. Microsoft is said to be busy working on discontinuing the link between  the virus infected devices and the hackers who were working behind the above mentioned malware. The attempt was initiated on Read More »

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Microsoft gives the developers a new chance to view and test the ongoing-development version of the Internet Explorer. All that the developer will need for using this feature is Windows 8.1 or Windows 7SP1 and a new updated version of Internet Explorer. The release allows the developers and starters in the developing sector a view Read More »

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